Are you Wasting Money on Marketing

Thursday, July 7, 2016 By Faisal Velani

1. Taking on a broad buying audience

When starting out, keep it simple. Don’t go into to overdrive over night. We all had to crawl before we could walk. And we all had to walk before we could run. Narrow down to the specifics of what you are trying to market and start from there.

2. Going overboard on promotional items

Pens, T-shirts and other items are always great! Leaving your business name around is great exposure. Don’t get me wrong, I myself do this. BUT, I did not do this when I was starting out and had a limited income. Social media has been one of the most sought at methods for marketing in today’s fast paced world.

3. Not following up on sales opportunities

I know I have mentioned follow up several times by now. Follow up with people and create a solid follow up campaign. Keeping a thorough tracking method like some of our systems is a great way to stay on task and know exactly where you are in a follow up sequence.


4. Ordering large runs on expensive brochures and sales folders

This goes back to promotional items. Unless you are dropping items off personally to a large company or individual. Save your money. Email and facebook go a long way.

5. Saying yes to advertising space and sponsorship

There is always an opportunity to work out a deal. Use your skills wisely when seeking out advertising and sponsorship offers. You are here to make money.

6. Killing the Marketing Budget

Too many people try to spend thousands of dollars right away when they start. Try and be realistic and really look at the goals you have ahead. What would be economical for someone to spend on an investment and make a fair ROI without killing the budget. Stay within realistic means. No need to break the bank.

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